Jaime Hammer is Stunner in Bright Fishnet Panties and Hoodie

Sunday, April 23, 2017 4:03

Cum over to borrow some sugar and Jaime Hammer will give you more sweetness than you can handle. As her eager hands pop open her shirt to expose big, firm tits, the invitation is clear. Her pretty pink panties are off in no time and her pussy cannot wait for you to jam your waiting cock into it and hammer her to ecstasy.

On the table, against, the wall, bent over, wet and waiting, Jaime Hammer can take it all. From her soft, pink ass to her pretty, pouting lips, this blow job princess wants you to bring HER the sugar.

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Jaime Hammer Slips Out of Loose Red Dress

Wednesday, April 19, 2017 0:01

For Jaime Hammer, it is a matter of moments between “Do you want to see my pussy?” to “Fuck my ass HARD.” This hot brunette’s tawny skin and wet pussy want a real man to fuck her until she screams for mercy. When her hands playfully touch her tits, it is an open invitation to do with her what you will and this hot-pussied nympho is game for anything.

Ride your hottest fantasy with Jaime Hammer and her pussy and ass will service you in any forbidden way you choose. Fucking, sucking, and licking are what she wants from you.

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Jaime Hammer Strips Down Naked For Pussy Masturbation

Friday, April 14, 2017 20:02

Spicy hot and lusciously tempting brunette babe Jaime Hammer loves to play dress up. She’s showing off some of her favorite lingerie for you today. One of her favorite ways to nurture herself is to wear the most sensuous clothing she can. She gets she turned on by the way the silky fabric feels against her naked skin that soon, she’s as horny as a nympho and ready to slip her fingers into her moist pussy.

As she strokes herself, she thinks about sex – the odor and taste of a lover – the feel a lover’s touch on her body. Jaime Hammer is ready to cum for you!

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Jaime Hammer Tanned Hottie Relaxes in the Nude

Monday, April 10, 2017 16:15

Jaime Hammer’s deep brown tan loves to be shown off in full from her round breasts to her nearly-shaved pussy. Slick and oiled, she pushes those tits out to you, ready for you to get busy on them with your eager hands.

Her hair trails wetly over her taut nipples as she leans back against the rail to make her wet pussy ready for your mouth to please her. Bare and beautiful, Jaime Hammer wants your hands on her hips and your cock inside her, bringing her to the edge of ecstasy and beyond. Three words: tongue, tits, and twat.

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Jaime Hammer Horny Hottie in Fishnet Lingerie and Stockings

Thursday, April 6, 2017 12:02

Jaime Hammer wastes no time exposing her ripe, wet pussy for the hardcore fucking and sucking you are ready to give. Don’t ask her twice to tear off her scanty bra to let those big, round tits come out to play and run into your face and on your cock.

Nothing makes this saucy vixen wetter than having a big cock fuck her from behind, feeling those hot balls slapping against her cunt and ass. Her beautiful tits are lubed up and ready for your dick to slide between them while she gives you the Jaime Hammer blowjob on the downstroke.

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Jaime Hammer Gives Sexy Striptease From Pink Bikini

Sunday, April 2, 2017 8:04

Hot and beautiful brunette Jaime Hammer in slender and sexy in her pink bikini. Her titties are barely contained in her bra and those long legs are enough to drive you wild. The sensuous beauty turns this way and that, making sure you can see every inch of her.

When she slips her bikini off slowly, Jaime Hammer hopes you enjoy what you see. This fine brunette babe has some of the most beautiful silky skin ever – just made for caressing!

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Jaime Hammer is Hot and Horny in Black Fringed Lingerie

Wednesday, March 29, 2017 4:00

When you see Jaime Hammer sitting with legs spread in sexy black fringed lingerie, she doesn’t seem quite real. A creature this hot and tantalizingly seductive simply must be a figment of your imagination, especially when she gets naked. But this sultry babe is definitely real and she is totally natural in her desires too. She loves to show off her titties and touch her cunt and stimulate all those sensitive nerves that make her cum.

Jaime Hammer wants to fulfill all her desires while you watch – and imagine you filling her special hot and wet and hungry little . . . niche!

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Jaime Hammer Sensuous Brunette Spreads and Shows Pink

Saturday, March 25, 2017 0:00

Sexy hot and delicious Jaime Hammer knows just how to motivate her men into getting truly hot and bothered! This tantalizing vixen shows off that smoking hot body in pink bikini lingerie and just watching the way she moves stuns the senses. Her legs are so long and her ass is so firm and those titties are made for mutual pleasure when they are licked and sucked. She strips off her clothing and gets completely naked and looks incredible doing it.

Jaime Hammer is a mystifying beauty of epic proportions and holding her naked body against yours would be achingly divine!

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Jaime Hammer Pigtail Cutie Flashes Her Pussy

Monday, March 20, 2017 20:15

Oh Jaime, you are such a bad girl. If ever a tight-assed, big tittied girl needed a good spanking for her wicked thoughts, it’s Jaime Hammer. She raises her skirt to show you how wet her glistening pussy is and then slips a taste into her mouth, wishing it was your cock instead.

Jaime Hammer loves to stroke her cunt prepare its soft, engorged folds for the hammering of a lifetime. Fucking and sucking are what turns this naughty girl on and the more she can get and the faster she can get it, the better this sexy minx likes it.

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Jaime Hammer Looks Incredible in Sheer Red Bra and Panties

Thursday, March 16, 2017 16:10

Hot babe Jaime Hammer’s trimmed pussy is wet and ready to ride your mouth or your cock until she cums so hard she begs for mercy. Her soft, sweet tits want your lips all over them while her slippery cunt and tight ass are ready to take ever inch you have to give.

Jaime Hammer slips out of that last piece of girl-lube soaked lace ready to put it in your mouth and slide that tight pussy onto your waiting dick. Her tits rub against your face while her pussy fucks you faster and faster, you will blow your stack like never before.

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Jaime Hammer Gives Foxy Public Strip Show

Sunday, March 12, 2017 12:00

Jaime Hammer loves to strip – whether she’s in front of a mirror or in front of the camera. Not one to be modest, this hot brunette is even happy to strip outside. There is nothing moderate about this babe. She makes her way through life full-force, living in the moment and believing in making everything as spicy and succulent as possible.

The tempting babe is good at it and as she gets naked, her pussy fills with moisture just imagining how hard your cock is getting as you watch her. Jaime Hammer turns around with her panties down – enjoy the view of her tantalizing moon!

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Jaime Hammer Reaches into Her Panties to Play With Herself

Wednesday, March 8, 2017 8:00

Jaime Hammer might start out as a delicious tease, but this hot babe’s pussy is already soaking her tiny panties by the time she drops her thumb into them to give your eager eyes and hard cock a look at the paradise below. Before you know it, those full tits, firm nipples and hot, wet cunt are right there waiting for your mouth and your cock to take her to heaven.

No one but you can make Jaime Hammer cum the way she wants to and she is ready for you to plunge in and start pounding her hardcore just the way she likes it!

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Jaime Hammer Teases and Flashes Her Tits Wearing Black Lingerie

Saturday, March 4, 2017 4:09

Sometimes when you see Jaime Hammer showing off her sultry beauty in black lingerie, it can almost seem like a miracle that you are getting to look at someone so totally hot! Truly, this spicy vixen can seem a bit unreal – a bit too good to be true! But the luscious brunette is not a mirage – she is a flesh and blood woman and she loves to strip for you.

Watching Jaime Hammer free her fleshy luscious breasts and sweet pussy is so wonderful – and you can’t help but get hot and horny watching every move she makes.

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Jaime Hammer Pops Her Lush Tits Out of Her Pale Blue Bra

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 0:01

Beautiful Jaime Hammer can’t wait to strip for you and let your eyes follow every curve of her beautiful body. As her round, lickable tits slip out of the cups of her bra, they ache for the stroke of a tongue or the nip of careful teeth.

In no time at all, those tiny panties are off and Jaime Hammer is ready to please her man with her soft, wet pussy and her eager fingers. A hard, ripe ass, beautiful tits, and a wet pussy, this sexy lady is all woman and ready to fuck and suck you to ecstasy.

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Jaime Hammer is Hot Stripping From Blue Lingerie

Thursday, February 23, 2017 20:08

Beautiful and sultry brunette babe Jaime Hammer is one spicy hot and adventurous minx. Even just standing in her own living room, the delicious darling looks so smoking hot in her blue lingerie that she almost appears to have an afterglow already! You get the feeling that maybe she’s already been up to the kind of fun that makes you truly feel alive.

The sensuous vixen strips slowly, giving you nice long looks at her naked flesh. Jaime Hammer is ready for round two of her masturbation pleasures and she’s ready to share it all with you – if you can handle the heat – and your meat!

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