Jaime Hammer in white bra and panties

Friday, December 2, 2016 12:00
Jaime Hammer in white bra and panties

Sex kitten Jaime Hammer is looking white hot and ready to go in this gallery. Sitting on a large throne-style chair in a white bra and panty set with her legs open, you will want to bow down before this adult industry royalty and kiss a lot more than just her majestic feet. Jaime Hammer proves herself to be the Queen of all Pornstars as she strips to show her juicy rack and bends to taunt you with her thong-flossed ass. All hail Jaime Hammer‘s hot bod!
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Jaime Hammer Poses in Leopard Print Lingerie Before Stripping

Monday, November 28, 2016 8:02

When beautiful brunette porn hottie Jaime Hammer shows off for the camera, the sensuous beauty doesn’t mess around. She wraps her delicious curves up in hot leopard print lingerie and slips on a silky brown cover-up, tied with a big pink bow. That’s how the tantalizing seductress lets you know that she’s your gift to unwrap. She slips her wrapping up and then you can see the full extent of her amazing curves.

This gorgeous vixen is only getting started. Jaime Hammer strips away the lingerie and gets naked for you – allowing you to enjoy the view of all her flawless skin and tantalizing curves.

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Jaime Hammer in sexy pink lingerie

Thursday, November 24, 2016 4:14
Jaime Hammer in sexy pink lingerie

Jaime Hammer strips off her cute pink thong and reveals her hot little patch of black hair and silky smooth lips. How could you not look when this beauty is so willing to show it all to you? Jaime Hammer sensually poses from glamorous lingerie down to nothing more than gold high heels and a pearl necklace. Jaime Hammer bites the strands suggestively while letting you get a nice long look at her body ready for sex.
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Jaime Hammer Seductive Brunette Hottie in Pink Lingerie

Sunday, November 20, 2016 0:27

There is something so incredibly tantalizing about Jaime Hammer when she’s all dolled up in lingerie. This shiny pink bikini set looks so good against her tanned skin, the dark haired beauty looks good enough to eat. She moves this way and that, allowing you to enjoy every succulent curve of her amazing body.

This temptress wants to get naked for you and slip her fingers into various places on her body, enticing you with her passion. Jaime Hammer is ready to get all juicy for you – are you sure you can handle the heat? You don’t want to miss this fun!

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Jaime Hammer Fingers Pussy of Hot and Horny Lesbian

Tuesday, November 15, 2016 20:11

Beautiful and seductive brunette Jaime Hammer is loving every minute of her time with her sexy brunette friend. These lovely ladies are all dressed up in white lingerie, their golden skin radiant perfection. They love the feel of all that soft flesh as they caress, kiss, and hold each other close. Licking and sucking hard nipples and tasting creamy slits of pure honey, Jaime Hammer and her friend feast on each other, luxuriating in all the flavors and pleasures there are to be found in their beautiful bodies and tight pussies. These babes can’t get enough of that good lesbian loving fun!

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Jaime Hammer in a bodystocking

Friday, November 11, 2016 16:09
Jaime Hammer in a bodystocking

Crotchless has never looked so good as it looks on Jaime Hammer in this ultra-arousing gallery. The busty babe is in a figure hugging black lace body stocking that hides nothing from your eyes that are sure to be lusting once you get a look. Jaime Hammer is a total exhibitionist as she squeezes those massive tits of hers and spreads her legs wide open so you can see her snatch. She leans against a yellow-gold sofa and serves up a heaping dose of seduction as she shows no modesty. Jaime Hammer has a need for exposure and she fulfills that need here.
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Jaime Hammer Strips and Flashes Tits on the Patio

Monday, November 7, 2016 12:13

In a polka dot skirt and a sexy striped skirt, Jaime Hammer is looking to turn you on. Her black hair is pulled back and her shirt leaves the bottoms of her delicious globes bare. She pulls her shirt up a little farther, exposing those tasty nipples for some serious teasing fun. Her flat belly and flawless skin invite you to touch. She slips off the skirt and her hips are full and ready for fun.

Jaime Hammer continues to get bare – although not entirely. She loves the sensation of exposing it all while leaving a little something on – just to torment you!

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Jaime Hammer in a cute little pink skirt

Thursday, November 3, 2016 8:16
Jaime Hammer in a cute little pink skirt

Jaime Hammer‘s impressive natural tits are usually the first thing that the fans want to see when they come across one of her wonderfully arousing photo galleries, but this set is all about her perky pair of ass cheeks. Oh sure, she exposes those beautiful boobs too and you will love looking at them, but once you set your sight on Jaime Hammer‘s awesome ass, it’s all eyes on those cheeks! She stands so high and hot on her heels in this set and those long legs of hers run right up to her fantastic fannie. You’ll be excited for this babe right away as Jaime Hammer strips to show it all.
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Jaime Hammer Strips From Dark Lingerie For Sensual Bubble Bath

Sunday, October 30, 2016 4:07

Gorgeous Jaime Hammer stands with one hip thrust out, looking amazing in lacy deep purple lingerie and heels. Her long legs are supple and gorgeous and every curve of her slender body is divine. The bathtub behind her is one of the most erotic and luxurious ones ever, and she’s about to show you how much she loves a bubble bath.

The stunning brunette slips her lingerie off until her exquisite body is completely naked and then she slips into the water. The suds caress her skin and the heat of the water awakens her senses. Jaime Hammer loves to use water to stimulate her pussy for orgasmic fun!

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Jaime Hammer outside in red lingerie

Wednesday, October 26, 2016 0:01
Jaime Hammer outside in red lingerie

Jaime Hammer‘s big boobs can hardly be held in by her pretty red bra and so she lets them out and unveils a whole lot of hot by doing so! Wow this girl has got a smoking hot body. You can really see that Jaime Hammer makes a point of staying in great shape. Her legs and tummy are so tight and toned yet her tits are so big and soft and her booty is round and perfect. Jaime Hammer has the perfect figure and gets totally naked to show it off.

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Jaime Hammer Strips Naked For Outdoor Pussy Pleasing

Friday, October 21, 2016 20:25

When you see Jaime Hammer looking so fine in short blue shorts and a crocheted shirt, you know you can’t get enough of this stunning vixen. She is total sensuality in every way and as she lifts her shirt and flashes her titties, she gives you a knowing look.

This babe wants to get naked for you and see just how hot and bothered she can make you along the way. Watch how slowly she lowers those shorts, making you wait just a little longer for a glimpse of her pretty pussy. When Jaime Hammer is finally naked, you’ll see that her body is made up of awesome!

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Jaime Hammer and Shay Laren get it on

Monday, October 17, 2016 16:02
Jaime Hammer and Shay Laren get it on

With two of the most notable natural racks in the business, Jaime Hammer and Shay Laren make for an amazing team. Getting these two girls together for a Penthouse shoot was pure brilliance! Both of these busty babes wear corset and black panties at the start but are totally naked by the end. Shay Laren and Jaime Hammer undress each other and slide slick tongues over soft skin. They grope breasts and lick nipples. You get an intimate view of Jaime Hammer and Shay Laren living out their lesbian fantasy.
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Jaime Hammer Slips Off Semi-Sheer Bra and Panties

Thursday, October 13, 2016 12:08

Showing off a body that is stunning and perfect, Jaime Hammer poses in black and pink bikini lingerie. The fabric is so sheer, you can see the tantalizing glow of her vibrant skin just underneath. She turns this way and that, allowing you to closely examine her long legs, juicy ass, and flat tummy.

When she bares her titties, you see how round and soft they are, topped with hard little nipples you long to suck. Jaime Hammer is only getting started, though. She slips all of her clothing off and sits naked, legs spread and ready to wrap around your body!

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Jaime Hammer takes off her black lingerie

Sunday, October 9, 2016 8:18
Jaime Hammer takes off her black lingerie

Penthouse model Jaime Hammer looks daringly into the camera with dark eyes that seem to be saying “Come and get me”. If you could, I bet you would. This sensual siren is doing her best to beckon you to her bedside by showing her beautiful body bared on the orange sofa. Jaime Hammer is in black lingerie that looks phenomenal, but just isn’t the same as her nude body. She takes it off to be more comfortable and to please you to the utmost. Jaime Hammer has given herself the goal of seducing all who gaze upon her. Would you let this dark-eyed dream babe have her way with you? Of course you would.
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Jaime Hammer Shows Off Stunning Figure in White Lingerie

Wednesday, October 5, 2016 4:19

With her long dark hair pulled casually into two pony tails and white bikini lingerie caressing her delicious curves, Jaime Hammer is looking like the teasing temptress she is. This gorgeous vixen has a face so beautiful and exotic that you can’t stop staring – and a figure that you ache to touch.

When she bares all that flawless, vibrant skin, she is completely alluring – and so smoking hot, she’s truly intoxicating. Jaime Hammer is ready for some hot and sexy fun and the pleasures she has in store for you will blow your mind and your spicy load of spunk, too!

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